Rock ‘n’ roll University

22 Sep

Rock ‘n’ Roll University
The recent news announcement that Todd Rundgren (“Hello, It’s Me,” “I Saw the Light”) will be a visiting professor at Indiana University got me to thinking about other rock ‘n’ roll stars who could contribute to today’s academic discourse.
Rundgren will lecture on the culture, politics and economics of the music business from his perspective. It’s part of a two-week stay at the university that includes a concert and most likely plenty of insightful stories from Rundgren, whose contributions to rock are often overlooked.
IU Professor Glenn Gass says he sees Rundgren’s engagement at IU as “the start of a trend in which legendary rock stars share their knowledge with a new generation.”
If I were assembling the faculty of a rock ‘n’ roll university, here’s who I’d tap:
Mick Jagger to teach “The Art of the Swagger.”
Paul Simon, “Pop Lyrics as Poetry.”
James Taylor, “Modern-Day Crooning.”
Pat Benatar, “Women and Rock.”
Bob Dylan, “Marketing Your Songs to People Who Can Actually Sing.”
Paul McCartney, “Collaborative Song Writing 101.”
Bono, “Politics and the Modern Rock Star.”
… You get the idea.
Go to the comments section and contribute your fantasy Rock ‘n’ Roll University class.


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