Fall TV, welcome back

28 Sep

With the relief of no longer having to grade papers in the evening comes the luxury of having more TV time. In line with my previous assertion that plopping down in front of my 42-inch Sony with herbal tea and a cookie is often more satisfying than a trip to the cineplex, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the start of the fall season. Here are my first impressions of new shows I’ve added to my TiVo season passes:
The Event: OK, it can never live up to Lost. What series can? But it’s evident from the shifting perspectives and flashbacks offered in the premiere that the show wants to appeal to that peculiar kind of TV watcher who enjoys being confused (moi). So I will stick with it. I understand that the show’s creators have five seasons fairly well plotted out. Laura Innes as the mysterious, imprisoned leader (of what?) is terrific. Jason Ritter as “the Jack” is cute.
Hawaii Five-O: I’m only watching this because of Daniel Dae-Kim. There goes that Lost fixation again …. But I have to say I loved the pace, the camaraderie among the characters and the action scenes. I see occasional small references to the original series, but I didn’t watch it regularly back in the day. A female addition to the team — great idea.
The Whole Truth: Created by the Maura Tierney is Underappreciated Fan Club — and I hope this series turns into a good starring vehicle for her. I also hope that the coming development of her prosecuting attorney character won’t echo scenes from “ER.” She needs a totally different role — she can handle it. Great framework for the show — seeing a major case from both the prosecution and defense points of view. The pacing of the first show — about a high school teacher accused of murdering a student — is fast yet it provides enough details about the case. Enough so, that my husband and I could pronounce “innocent” or “guilty” near the end of the show. We disagreed, BTW.
My Generation: The show has nine characters to keep track of in this mock documentary-slash-faux reality show comparing the characters’ high school life to their heady challenges 10 years later. Yet their problems seem predictable and their character flaws stereotypical. Throw in a few surprises with the next episode and I might stick with it.
First impressions of returning shows:
Glee: Meh. The first five minutes with the roving “Jewfro” reporter were hilarious, though. Glee-makers, please don’t overuse the Sue character, even though Jane Lynch is terrific. Let her scenes be frosting on the cake.
Modern Family: Terrific start with an even distribution of hilarious lines for all the major characters. Laugh-o-meter registered at least one giggle or chuckle for every three minutes.
Parenthood: I have a feeling this series will be even better this year. Its take on issues like stale marriages, shared custody, family life interference with work, grade-school politics and dealing with disabilities are spot-on. Sad/funny stuff.


One Response to “Fall TV, welcome back”

  1. deborahross October 19, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    10/18 — I might give up on The Event. Show me some cool alien stuff to keep me interested.

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