Wine and chocolate, space-age style

7 Oct

Leafing through the Brookstone fall catalog this morning put me in an all-things-are-possible mood. New electronics and furnishings and gadgets are performing tasks for us that I had thought were only possible in the world of the Jetsons.
But now, thanks to Brookstone’s Ravi Instant Wine Refresher, I can grab a bottle of white wine from the cupboard, attach the device and instantly drink Chardonnay chilled to just the right temperature.
And when I’m foraging in the kitchen for food, I can speak to an electronic gadget the size of my hand and the gadget — the SmartShopper Deluxe — will organize and print my shopping list.
And who hasn’t had a restless night now and then? With its wireless headband, the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach will analyze my sleep patterns and suggest changes.
The catalog offered several pages of massagers — battery-operated and plug-in — that have human discomforts covered from head to toe. I especially liked the OSIM uCrown, which fits like a large beanie (think carefully before wearing it to the grocery store) and relieves head tension with heat, vibration, music and magnets. Maybe I’ll just stick with the $600 heated calf and foot massager.
I seriously like the iConvert cordless wand that serves as a handheld scanner. Genius.
But I must confess to my desire for the object on page 9, the one that kept me looking through the catalog — the new CandyMan Motion-Activated Candy Dispenser. It looks like a gumball machine and works like soap dispensers in public restrooms. Chocolate with the wave of a hand.


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