Life after ‘Lost’

24 Mar

Almost a year after the finale of The Greatest TV Show Ever, I am still undergoing a bit of “Lost” withdrawal. I picked up a paperback at Borders the other day wherein philosophers wax philosophically on the plot twists and characterizations in the series. Yes, it’s that DEEP. However, as I try to diversify my TV watching, I have noticed a number of “Lost” alumni who have moved on to new projects (and have lost their tans in the process):

Daniel Dae-Kim: He landed the role in Hawaii Five-O even before Lost ended. At first, he was the only reason I tuned into the series, but now the other characters have grown on me too.

Jorge Garcia: Made a cameo on the Matthew Perry comedy Mr. Sunshine. More! More! Find a reason to have him back on the show!

Henry Ian Cusick: Just happened to notice him on an episode of SVU Whatever, while channel flipping. He’s playing Charles Darwin in a new PBS thing soon.

Elizabeth Mitchell: Starring on “V.” Hope the show makes it, although I haven’t had time to watch it lately.

Mark Pellegrino: On several episodes of Being Human on the Syfy channel. Wow, what a different role from the passive aggressive Jacob the Holy. Here, he’s the leader of a vampire family.

Titus Welliver: Intermittent role in The Good Wife as a questionably ethical state’s attorney on the show I like to watch but often don’t fathom.

(something) Leung: From a different planet than Miles was a guest starring role as an Asian professor on The Good Wife.

Matthew Fox: I saw a story that he’s in a London play. I’ll continue to get my Fox fix by watching Party of Five.

Hope to see more of the actors in different incarnations soon. (But I think my husband is getting tired of my glancing at the TV and saying, “Oh, he/she is from Lost.”)


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