Sycophants Need Not Apply

25 Mar

Now that I’ve spent several months looking at job listings for permanent positions and for contract work, I can certainly see how the average job seeker can become jaundiced in a short matter of time. Sometimes the listings all sound alike. But I never thought much about the endless sifting through applications if you’re on the other side of the equation — the employer vs. the potential employee. So I had to laugh when I came across this blurb from Creative Hotlist:

“Senior Designer / Art Director

Searching for a moody, tortured, prima-donna Art Director with a Kanye-sized ego, an inability to work with others and a willingness to prostitute their talents for “the man” until they combust in a firestorm of self-loathing. Ability to thrive in a soul-sucking environment of agency politics and infinite layers of bureaucracy is a must. Innate urge to genuflect in the presence of agency principals—a plus.”

Of course, the listing goes on to give a more serious rundown on preferred applicants.

It all does give me pause to think about the airs that job seekers have to put on — from super-sized confidence in their abilities to meek humility and subservience — depending on the subtle and not-so-subtle messages sent by employers.

This company sounds like a blast, though, no?


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