Why I Love ‘Harry’s Law’

29 Mar

I am exceeding my one-lawyer-show-per-season quota by watching “Harry’s Law” when I already watch “The Good Wife.” What can I say? Kathy Bates can be my defense attorney anytime. She is a commanding presence on the show, and I love her for sticking it to the man who says primetime TV shows have to be populated by svelte young things. I love the way the show lets Bates look and move pretty much the way she probably does in ordinary life. Notice the way she takes off her shoes, carries a big handbag, sits at the defense table when a showboating younger attorney might stand. She’s a 60-year-old Baby Boomer looking for a new lease on her lawyer life, and she doesn’t care who thinks it’s a weird premise for a legal procedural.

In addition, the characters surrounding her have their own attractions: the nerdy Nate Corddry character, the morally upright Brittany Snow and the various neighborhood gangstas who watch over the iffy location where Harry hangs her shingle. I especially love Christoper McDonald’s character. Remember him from Happy Gilmore?

The causes that Harry fights for seem a bit of a stretch at times, but haven’t a slew of TV plots become less and less believable? For the sake of seeing the main character find her comfort zone in murder trials, deportation hearings, etc., I’m willing to buy in to the cases that come her way. That’s also for the sake of hearing her give a closing argument, Atticus Finch-style.

Here’s a clip from Hulu, from the episode “Do the Right Thing,” in case you’re intrigued about watching the series:

<a href="http://www.hulu.com/embed/6PT0kD8ylcw66kttl6yklg“>


One Response to “Why I Love ‘Harry’s Law’”

  1. Gwen March 29, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    I love the show too. My husband snubbed his nose at it at first but now he really enjoys it.

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