Single Mom By Choice

15 Apr

I was with my mother the other day when I got introduced to her neighbor and the conversation turned to the neighbor’s young son. “I’m a single mom by choice,” she said to me. While I will grant that this was interesting information, it made me wonder why she was so eager, even anxious, to let me know that fact within minutes of meeting me. Was I supposed to gather that she had been freed of an awful husband or partner? Was she letting it be known that she is highly capable of making choices, whatever they are? Was she putting in a good word for sperm donation? Was she celebrating motherhood, in whatever its form? Was I looking hot that day and she was emphasizing the word “single”? In front of my mother? I blush ….

This called for a Google search! And lo and behold, “single mom by choice” is so pervasive on the web that it probably has an acronym and I never knew it: SMBC.

Kind of like DINK (Double Income No Kids). I myself am a LITKM (pronounced LIT-kam), or Lousy Income Two Kids and Married.

The potpourri of websites for SMBC’s includes:,,, and

Wow — more power to ya, ladies! Remember TV’s Murphy Brown, as played by Candice Bergen? And the whole Dan Quayle display of ignorance over single motherhood? Wouldn’t Murph be proud ….


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