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10 times you can rip that phone from your kid’s hand

27 Aug

(Something I wrote a while back, while thinking about a story for a parenting site.)

Bothered by the sight of your teen’s cell phone practically hot-glued to his or her hand? Do her eyes rarely meet yours because she is waiting for a text message? Does he always have his hand in the cell phone pocket of his jeans? Do your kids contend they’re listening to you even while their thumbs are bouncing on the keypad at a furious pace?

C’mon, cast aside your sweet memories of how the whining ceased when you bought them that expensive thing. Sure, it’s a relief to know they have it in case of emergency. But we know you’re sick of how they love their phone more than they love you. So, courage, fellow parents. Here are:

10 Times You Can Put Your Foot Down and Tell Them to Put the Phone Down

1. When you are at a sit-down family dinner in a restaurant.
2. When you are discussing their grades with them.
3. When you are visibly distraught over something and need to talk to them, whether the issue directly concerns them or not.
4. When you are upset that they have exceeded their phone minutes.
5. When you are explaining why they are grounded.
6. When they are meeting someone for the first time.
7. When they are driving … yikes! Seriously, put your foot down.
8. When your family is at a funeral.
9. When they are holding something fragile … like a newborn (I really saw this once).
10. When you just can’t stand it anymore. Be the adult — take charge.

(Brought to you by Parents Against Cell Phone Addiction)

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